East meets West


‘East meets West’ International Student Petroleum Congress and Career Expo.

Our aims were highly situated, in 2007 the idea of the international, unique project came up- our section organized First International Student Conference ‘ What are we proud of ? Our greatest achievement in petroleum industry’[. The idea behind the first ‘East meets West’ Congress was to gather people from different parts of the world, from different universities, from different companies in one, common idea – the idea without any barriers – the idea of ‘East meets West’. The idea, which considers the Oilfield Industry as one, big family – no matter if you are a student or scientist, no matter if you come from the west or from the east – we are all part of the Oilfield Industry family and this idea is still the clue of this Congress. History likes to repeat itself, just as we like to organize ‘East meets West’ – one of the biggest and the most popular event in the world. Congress attracts thousand students and professionals from all over the world. Thanks to this event, Krakow and Drilling, Oil and Gas Faculty are the center of the petroleum world for a couple of days.  The reasons of making this event are pretty obvious – making new friendships, meeting inspiring people, meeting the brightest minds from around the world – but the most important part, the one that brought the biggest smile to everybody’s faces was the fact, that together we could make a difference.

We strongly encourage you to help us organize or take part in this event also this year.

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