Knowing how important is to have an ability to speak fluently in English, we came up with the idea of Meet&SPEak Club. You can’t feel more freely than among your fellows, away from university walls, the laid back atmosphere makes you eager to speak. The biggest challenge is to overcome the fair of speaking. These meetings are created to help you to start speaking more or less fluently and what is more important – enable you to gain self-confidence while speaking. These meetings are a great example that eagerness is a first step to achieve a success, only by working haMeet&speak logord on our weaker points we can get closer to dreams. During these meetings we talk about everything, because we more focus on the act of speaking and integrating, not on the topics. It does not mean that topics are not important, of course are, this is why students choose the topics of conversations. We don’t want to lead those conversations; the conversations are leading by themselves.



If you feel a deep desire to improve your English or just integrate with others, join us!

If you have ideas how we can develop these meetings, do not hesitate to contact us!