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Dear SPE members!

Have you sent your application for participation in the next GeoTalent workshop? If not, don’t waste time! You have still chance to do it until tonight. The topic is very interesting for students of drilling specialization: Oil drilling! The workshop will be organised on Wednesday, 11th of December.





Dear SPE members, we would like to encourage you to join Szlachetna Paczka! It’s a charity action which aim is to help poor families. Our Chapter is going to prepare a present for one family. Thanks to this, Christmas time will be really happy for them! For more information visit Szlachetna Paczka’s website:

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We are pleased to announce that ‘Call for abstracts’ for the 5th, anniversary edition of East meets West 2014 is already open.

Submit your abstract here.

Deadline is on 13th January 2014.

Send in your abstract, explore the world of opportunities with us!

14th November was the day when we started our new project – Inspiring SPEech by Young Professionals. Our first guest was Paweł Wilaszek, nowadays an employee at Schlumberger company, formerly a member of our Chapter’s board. Thank you very much for coming and active participation in the meeting!


On 13th November we were pleasured to organize OMV Day. OMV representatives presented us the company and its offer for graduates and undergraduates. Thank you to Koło Naukowe Geofizyków AGH GEOFON for help in organizing the event!

Last Wednesday, on the 20th November, we had another opportunity to spend a charming evening    with our SPE colleagues. The second meeting brought us some new, fresh ideas which were precisely prepared by our team .

At the beginning, we travelled to the capital city of Russia, Moscow, where two members of our chapter – Iwona Dereń and Marta Michalska – had attended International Conference –  Oil&Gas Horizons 2013.  Girls told to us shortly about their great adventure and possibilities connected with such trips . The main aim of this idea was to break international barriers, meet new people and check participants’ knowledge relative with petroleum and gas industry. But as some might  think , it was not only scientific  event, but, above all, a great fun full of entertainment  and multicultural integration. Additionally, organizers provided sightseeing, so girls came back with great photos and memories.

After this short introduction,  we went ahead to the main part, so to discuss our plans and detailed foreseen events. What we really want to focus on is:

East Meets West – this huge idea takes place in April, but right now it is the best time to start organisation process. The congress will gather a lot of participants and wide audience, so our chapter needs as much people as possible to provide well conditions and great atmosphere. If you are energetic and outgoing or simply want to take part in scientific part, do not hesitate to inform us!;

– cooperation with Fair Recruitment – company which makes a professional database of qualified students . That helps industry to find the best students and offer them work. Actually, we are at the beginning of the project, so stay tuned for more details ;

– Meet&SPEak – a  series of meetings during which we can enlarge our knowledge and broaden our english mind. The idea is to come and speak in a friendly way, within teachers, lessons and so on. Grammar structures  or thousands of words won’t give us a status of a fluent user. Come and check yourself! ;

Of course, it’s not over! Last time a new issue of YoungPetro Magazine has appeared. A perfect work came out in numerous articles and interesting  interviews.

Remember that there is still a contest  for the best T-SHIRT for our chapter. The deadline is 15th December 2013.

If you missed the latest meeting , really bad! Check useful links below where you can get more details and visit us next time!